About Us


From the experience in the pajama industry and the intuition of two young people, the “100 Yawns” project was born.

A project that fields quality materials combined with elegant patterns, with a constant eye on trends, production and packaging control to create exclusive garments that will give glamour and comfort, in fact, our products are designed to dress the whole family in style every night!


The Homeware 100 Yawns line uses the best materials: beautiful fabrics, elegant and refined.

Sophisticated and attractive design: the 100 Yawns homeware line was created to dress up your relaxation. Our lines are suitable for everyone, we pay attention to trends and fashion to please the youngest, and to comfort by using only first-rate materials for an adult audience.

All also available in comfortable sizes, so that just about everyone can sleep with 100 Yawns!


Combed cotton is a special kind of cotton that, during the spinning process, is combed to be made even softer, stronger, smoother, and shinier. Combing is a processing step in the spinning cycle and involves sorting the textile fibers after they have been corded.

The main purposes of combing are to select the fibers, removing the short ones and orienting them in one direction, according to the direction of the length of the corded ribbon, on which the actual thread will then be composed. Combed cotton is softer than ordinary cotton because it has no impurities or short protruding threads, and it is more durable because the combing process breaks down superfluous fibers, which are prone to breakage. After combing, the straightened fibers come together more tightly, resulting in less fraying and unraveling.

Combed cotton is the perfect fabric for all those garments that are worn in close contact with the skin because of its extreme softness. In addition, combed cotton gives the garment inimitable beauty and elegance because of the brightness of the fabrics and the comfort that the fabric regulates. These advantages, in addition to the extra labor required during the manufacturing process, make combed cotton among the most prestigious fabrics.


Scratchy and essential.

The 100 Yawns packaging in its essentiality gives an immediate impression and is easily recognized by retailers and customers